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Important! You must be a member of one of our affiliates to be eligible for a jackpot prize and by taking part in any Jackpot Freerolls tournament you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Prize Information

You can see how the payout chart works below**.

* Successive Freerolls = Freerolls that start one after the other in the Jackpot Freerolls timetable
**Players whose poker accounts are not tracked to us will only receive 25-50% of the advertised Jackpot prizes for 2 wins, so make sure you create any new poker accounts through our Sign Up links next to each freeroll!
***ACR/BCP and Ya Poker are currently unable to provide us with the tournament results within 7 days of the tournament end. As such there is no leader board for these rooms and there are no bonus or jackpot prizes available. Also there are no leader boards or extra prizes for HighStakes tournaments.

How do I claim a prize?